Wood flooring has turned into a detail that is desirable, elegant, and valuable. When executed properly, hardwood flooring can lend elegance to a home as well as enhance its beauty. At Ted’s Flooring Inc., we are familiar with the most frequent reasons people take on hardwood floor refinishing Evanston services.
That being said, hardwood floor installation Evanston service is not the final step in your project.  You must continue to monitor and care for hardwood floors in order to prevent stains, scratches, and other marks that could cause damage to them.
No matter how far and how much to attempt to take proper care of your hardwood flooring and to make sure it stays in excellent shape, at some point the floors will start to deteriorate and certain indicators will tell you the time has come for wood floor refinishing Evanston residents prefer or even the wood floor replacement they dread.  Although small marks, fading colors, and scratches may be repaired through refinishing, moments may arise where you have absolutely no remaining choice but to replace all of your hardwood flooring.

1. Extreme Refinishing
It is important to know precisely how much finishing can be executed on your hardwood floors prior to having to replace them. Although refinishing your hardwood flooring may contribute to the return to its original appearance, the amount of times you can do so is limited.
The refinishing process includes smoothing of wood surfaces to improve its appearance. In order to achieve this, you should first sand some of the wood off. So, through regular refinishing, a time will eventually come where the hardwood flooring you have is too thin. When sanded beyond a specific point, those tongues and grooves that make the floorboards fit together will not match up anymore, which may lead to splintering or possible larger holes in the flooring.
Specialists recommend executing a maximum of five rounds of refinishing; any more may translate into walking on thin hardwood flooring. If this occurs, it is a good idea to investigate complete replacement.

2. Damage from Water
Hardwood floor refinishing can assist in removing marks, scratches, and grazes but this is not the case with water damage. If your hardwood flooring has already suffered water damage, your floor’s lifetime has likely ended. If this takes more time to repair, the damage will likely worsen. If not ventilated right away, water may remain in the lower parts of the wood causing it to continue rotting and warping.
If your hardwood floors have begun to peel or buckle upon walking on them, it is probably an indicator of water damage. Obvious gaps between boards in addition to rickety, unbalanced floors are other signs. In order to prevent additional accidents or damage when walking on hardwood flooring, take action once you notice these signs and have confirmed that water is the culprit.

3. Wish for A Different Wood Type
As with carpets and tiles, hardwood floors are available in a varied selection of styles, in addition to many available wood types from which to choose. At some point, you may lose your interest in the wood floor type in your house and desire sometime a bit nicer, such as using maple to replace oak.  Certain woods are more difficult than others, and you might determine that you require an option that resists damage better.
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