Wood Floor Repairs

Hardwood Floor Repair, Refinish And Restoration

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At Ted’s Flooring, it’s our duty to assist you to have an effective flooring experience. Our flooring contractors will be glad to visit your property and gauge for a free consultation and evaluation.

With more than 25 years of experience, working with a myriad of customers in Park Ridge, IL Ted’s Flooring aims to offer the finest quality in workmanship and hardwood flooring at inexpensive prices. We’re in the role to assist you to enjoy the gorgeousness and sturdiness of our hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors add value to a home, and restoring what you already have is an excellent investment that will put a smile on your face.


Protect Your Flooring Investment

Is part of the floor broken? this may occur as a result of water damage or extensive heat that may loosen the glue. If that is the case, you need to save your floor appearance and investment with wood floors repair and restoration.


Going to The Source

The first step is to eliminate the problem. Take care of humidity, leaking water and fixing the foundation. Only after taking care of the source of the problem, get to the actual repair and restoration part.

Restoration & Repair

We are the expert in making repairs, sanding and refinishing old floors to their original state. Our experienced floor restoration staff can handle everything from a simple sand and refinish, to a seamless repair, to “like new” condition.We can deal with all possible mishaps and accidents and can provide great restoration solutions for you. It is our main goal to get your floor looking as good it looked once before.

Knowledge and Experience

Serving the Park Ridge, IL area since 1988, we have a solid and reputed name at repairing and restoring wood floors to their previous state. Our many satisfied customers can vouch for that. We would be glad to be of service to you too. Contact us today for a free on site appraisal to turn your aged hardwood flooring into the floor you always wanted!

Knowledge and Experience

We assist Chicago and its surroundings since 1988, we count on a solid and reputative name for hardwood floor installation. Our several satisfied clients can testify that. We would be happy to serve you as well. Call us today for a free appraisal.

Supplementary services offered include: 
  • Installation of trims and doors
  • Refinishing wood decks
  • Disposal, removal of carpets
  • Installation of floating system or any sub-floor by hard.
  • Installation of wood vents, with or without damper, and other personalized vents
  • Leveling of concrete floors and subfloors.
  • Installation or/and quarter round, and varnish baseboard.
  • Installation of stairs
  • Replacing damaged or broken floorboards.
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