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Hardwood Flooring Highland Park, IL – Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation Highland Park, IL

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Over the years, TED has developed a reputation for the highest quality hardwood flooring in Highland Park, IL. Each project we complete uses only the finest hardwood flooring in Highland Park, so you know you’ll love your new floor. Each member of our team is an experienced and dedicated expert in hardwood floor installation in Highland Park, IL and our customer service is second-to-none. Trust TED for the high quality flooring you deserve.
Not only do we offer the highest quality hardwood flooring in Highland Park, we also provide incredibly thorough and helpful customer service. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to hardwood floor refinishing in Highland Park, IL, so be sure to ask all the questions you may have! Finding the right hardwood floor installation in Highland Park has never been easier with our huge selection of premium materials.

Flooring contractors in Highland Park offering the natural beauty of hardwood flooring at reasonable prices

There’s a lot of flooring contractors in Highland Park, IL, but none can offer the quality and variety of hardwood flooring you’ll find with TED. So why choose hardwood? Hardwood flooring in Highland Park, IL offers a sort of elegance no other flooring can compare with. It’s also low-maintenance and hypoallergenic. Call our flooring contractors in Highland Park, IL today to learn all about the benefits of hardwood flooring in Highland Park!

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Ted’s Hardwood Flooring – Your Top Choice For Hardwood Floor Installation & Hardwood Floor Refinishing Highland Park

If you want that long-lasting beautiful look for your floors, hardwood flooring is the way to go. You can rely on nothing but the best with our hardwood flooring company in Highland Park. We make sure that we have the highest quality of materials to make sure that your home will get the look that it deserves.

Our company has the most reliable flooring contractors in the area. Our contractors take pride in their perfection in providing the highest quality of work. As a company, our top priority is to give customers satisfaction. We are committed to the work that we to ensure that our customer’s visions are fulfilled.

With our years of experience, our flooring contractors have handled it all, big or small. All wood flooring installation begins with the subfloor. Our contractors have the knowledge and ability to fix any issues that might arise when we’re assessing the condition of your subflooring. If we find any problem with your subflooring, such as cupping or sinking, we will fix it right away. Let us help you achieve the flooring that you have always wanted!

Why Choose Hardwood Floors? Ted’s Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation Experts Highland Park

There are many different flooring options available, and hardwood flooring may seem like an expensive option. However, it remains the best choice in having a space that is safe and clean with low maintenance. Our contractors are the experts when it comes to your hardwood floor installation and other services in Highland Park.

Safe & Clean

The most significant advantage of hardwood flooring is it is a more sanitary option than other floor types. If you are thinking about carpet vs. hardwood, a good amount of dust, germs, and other debris get absorbed into carpet fibers. However, with hardwood flooring, there is no place for debris to hide, which makes it healthier for a safer living environment, especially for those who suffer allergy.


Another great advantage of wood flooring is the environmental factor. Hardwood flooring is the most abundantly renewable flooring material available. Wood floors use less water and energy to produce and can be recycled at the end of the life cycle, which makes the product extremely sustainable. Our flooring contractors in Highland Park will bring beauty and value to a home, but it can last a lifetime while carpet needs to be replaced every 10 to 15 years.

Low Maintenance

In general, hardwood floors cost more than carpeted flooring, but they also require less maintenance. Hardwood flooring is typically sealed surfaces with a protective layer of finish, and wood floors are more stain-resistant than other types of flooring. One of the best benefits of hardwood floors is that you can have hardwood floor refinishing in Highland Park done or repairs done easily.

Unsurpassed Beauty & Value

One of the biggest benefits of hardwood is its unique and beautiful look. Hardwood is one of the oldest flooring materials there is in the market, and it never goes out of style. With our flooring contractors in Highland Park, we can help you increase the value of your home. Whereas many new homeowners will remove carpeting when they buy a house, gorgeous hardwood flooring is usually the reason why houses are bought.

If you are interested in pursuing hardwood floors for your home or business, contact our flooring contractors. We provide hardwood floor refinishing and hardwood floor installation services to our customers in Highland Park. Our professional contractors are specially trained in providing you with a wealth of experience and expertise concerning hardwood floors.

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