Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the difference between an engineered floor and a solid hardwood product?
A. Solid products, available in Planks, Strips or Parquet, are manufactured from a solid piece of wood. Engineered products, available in Planks, Strips or Longstrip, are manufactured of hardwood using a three- or five-ply cross-directional laminated construction, with a top layer of premium hardwood. This construction counteracts the natural tendency of wood to expand and contract with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, making engineered products dimensionally stable.
Q Should I expect color variations in my floor? 
A. Yes. Wood is a product of nature with variations from board to board. Therefore, each plank or strip will take stain differently. Darker stains mask the natural variations in the wood. The lighter the stain, the more prominent the natural characteristics. A white stain shows the most variation from board to board.
Q How can stains from food, water, oil, grease, heel scuffs be removed from finished surface? 
A. Use a cleaner developed specifically for urethane finishes. For stubborn spots, scrub using the urethane cleaner and a scrub pad made for urethane floors.
Q Can I sand and refinish my floor? 
A. All hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished as often as three times. The exact number depends upon the total thickness of the product. With this process, we sand the entire finish off the floor and then rebuild the finish surface. This procedure can take up to four days, depending upon the size of the surface. While sanding and refinishing a floor may be costly and disruptive to the household, it is usually more economical than replacing the floor.
Q Will my floor age or change color? 
A. Yes. You can expect to see shade differences in your floor over time. The cause is usually from exposure to the the sun, whether direct or indirect. This color change will be more noticeable in lighter colors, which will darken over time. In addition, certain species like Brazilian cherry, will naturally darken over the years. These changes are due to the natural characteristics of wood and are not covered by most manufacturers’ warranties.
Q How can stains from gum, crayon, or candle wax be removed from finished surface? 
A. Apply a plastic bag filled with ice on top of the deposit until it is brittle enough to crumble off. Clean the area with a product made for urethane finishes.
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