Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Park Ridge, IL

Styles come and go, and what’s popular certainly changes, but one thing never changes: hardwood floors look fabulous. However, it may be discouraging to realize that your floors don’t look as vibrant as they did when you first installed them. With Ted’s Flooring, you don’t need to get new floors installed or even opt for traditional restoration if you want to get that new floor shine back. Dustless floor refinishing is a low-cost alternative to refinishing your hardwood floors.

According to professional flooring contractors, in the same way, as carpeting hardwood flooring can get filthy, rough-looking, or damaged with time if not attended properly. Our dustless wood floor refinishing services can just and appropriately reinstate your floor to excellent condition, leaving you with gorgeous hardwood flooring that actually attracts attention. Our dustless hardwood floor refinishing services can be done to White Oak, Maple, American Cherry, Ash, Walnut, Santos Mahogany, Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry, Red Oak, and more. Doesn’t matter the style or the species of wood on your floor, Ted’s Flooring can assist you to make sure that it always has the best possible appearance. 

Ted’s Flooring- the Experts in Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

The floor is fixed before applying a new external layer. Dustless hardwood flooring refinishing just takes one day, considering classic hardwood floor refinishing may take various days to be done. Also, the process of dustless floor refinishing is best for people with allergies due that there is less dust wood in the air compared to a traditional floor refinishing job.

We at Ted’s Flooring, are compromising to offering top-quality, affordable, and innovative flooring services to anyone in the Park Ridge area. We’re fervent regarding what we do, and this is why our services can’t be surpassed. Our several satisfied clients will let you know how glad they were with our hardwood flooring services, and how they keep loving the results even years after. You can reach us today for a free appraisal regarding dustless hardwood floor installation and other services by reaching us at 847-292-5600. We have been delivering awesome hardwood floor results since 1988, and your property may be next.

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