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Hardwood Flooring Park Ridge, IL – Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation in Park Ridge, IL

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Park Ridge to Spruce Up Your Hardwood Flooring

Ted’s Flooring Inc. by proudly serving Park Ridge, IL with repair and installation of high-quality hardwood flooring Park Ridge, IL for many years, it gained experience to handle any kind of project no matter of its size. We can help you create unique look for your house and guaranteed that it will last for many many years to come. We providing the best flooring services and products. By choosing us you can be sure that you deal with highly experienced experts in the flooring industry.

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Traditional or contemporary? No matter! You can be sure that we will help you find the best hardwood flooring color and design to suit your home without ruining your budget. If you need perfect floors for your space, you should choose us!   With our professional crew we offer you hardwood floor refinishing Park Ridge and hardwood floor installation Park ridge, IL too.

If you need customize stains and finishes, Ted’s Flooring are providing their services. We can assure you that we are well known and our customers appreciated us for our work quality from hardwood floor installation Park Ridge, IL to the detailed clean up. We are working with homeowners, on large commercial projects and custom home builders. If you need more information about hardwood flooring, don’t be shy and contact us today. We will schedule an appointment for a consultation. Ted’s Flooring will help you with any flooring needs!

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Ted’s Flooring – The Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Hardwood Floor Installation in Park Ridge, IL!

Serving Park Ridge and all of Chicagoland.

Hardwood Floor Installation Evanston, IL

Hardwood Floor Installation Park Ridge, IL

We bring you an amazing range of affordable options for hardwood flooring in Park Ridge.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Park Ridge, IL

Contact Ted’s Flooring for your scuffed, dull flooring and we’ll take care of it with our specialized hardwood floor refinishing in Park Ridge.

Wood Floor Sanding Evanston, IL

Sanding for Hardwood Flooring Park Ridge, IL

Get your hardwood flooring in Park Ridge looking smooth and beautiful once more with our professional floor sanding service.

Ted’s Hardwood Flooring – Your Top Choice For Hardwood Floor Installation & Hardwood Floor Refinishing Park Ridge

If you are looking for a hardwood flooring company that provides high quality of work but at the same time affordable, well no need to look further, our flooring contractors in Park Ridge is here to provide hardwood floor installation and refinishing.

We understand that your floor is probably the busiest part of your home, most especially if you have guests over. Our company also understands that the floor will give your home a sophisticated and elegant look. Having hardwood flooring will give your home a look that you have always wanted. It can match any design or style that you may have in your home, whether it’s for your living room or bedroom.

Our flooring contractors are experts when it comes to installation and refinishing. They can repair any type of damage that your flooring may have or even return its color to the way it once was. We will make sure that we’ll work around your budget so that you will not break the bank. When it comes to hardwood flooring, our company has got you covered!

Why Choose Hardwood Floors? Ted’s Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation Experts Park Ridge

Our flooring contractors in Park Ridge can provide you with the most beneficial type of flooring which is hardwood flooring. If you want to have a space that is clean and requires low maintenance, hardwood flooring is for you.

Safe & Clean

Hardwood floor installation in Park Ridge is a sanitary option. This is because unlike carpet fibers that absorb dust and germs, hardwood floors are more resistant to debris. Thus, they make for a safer, cleaner, and healthier home environment. Allergy sufferers often pick hardwood flooring for this very reason.


Made with a renewable flooring material, hardwood flooring is also the most sustainable option in Park Ridge. Generally, there is less water and energy used for wood floor refinishing, making it environmentally friendly. Moreover, what adds to this is that wood floor refinishing is durable and long-lasting as compared to carpets which have to be constantly replaced.

Low Maintenance

Since hardwood floors can easily be repaired and refinished over time, they are also the option for a low maintenance kind of flooring. Hardwood floor refinishing provides for sealed surfaces, therefore, they are more stain-resistant than other options like the carpet. Its low maintenance then makes up for the premium in price which often discourages people from employing hardwood floor installation in Park Ridge.

Unsurpassed Beauty & Value

Hardwood floors are one of the main reasons why houses are bought. On top of adding value to homes, hardwood floor refinishing makes for a gorgeous and unique look that homeowners want to keep. Thus, it is very different from carpets that are often removed and replaced when people move into a house.

Contact our highly-skilled flooring contractors in Park Ridge now so you can get your very own hardwood floors. With their wealth of experience, their expertise is of no question and your hardwood floors are ensured to be of the best quality.

We are constantly trying to improve our hardwood floor profession – Ted’s Hardwood Flooring Park Ridge. Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Hardwood Floor Installation Park Ridge

Are you looking for a hardwood flooring company in Park Ridge that provides quality hardwood installation and wood floor refinishing? We are the ones that you can count on and trust. Our flooring contractors offer services such as installation, sanding, finishing, and refinishing. We do it all, from unfinished to prefinished flooring as well as installation for your staircases and floor trims. We also refinish engineered and prefinished floors and staircases.

As a top hardwood flooring company in Park Ridge, we bring quality work to every project that we do. We also have gained the proper knowledge and skills throughout our years of experience. With our name comes the quality of natural wood floors that can add value and comfort to any interior design. Our flooring contractors are here to help you choose the right wood floor for your home.

Our team constantly researches new products and techniques to make sure that we provide the highest quality of finish. We use advanced finishing agents to help speed the drying process and state of the art equipment to offer you the best result possible. We make sure to go with the latest trends in design and home improvement ideas and are open to any suggestions that you may have. This way, our flooring contractors in Park Ridge will achieve the desired look that you want for your home.

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