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We comprehend hardwood flooring is the base of decorating. It displays your liking and it sets the expression for your business or house. When searching for the better parquet hardwood floor installation and fix services. We’re appropriate for your requirements. As one of the top flooring contractors in Park Ridge, IL Ted’s Flooring is your all-in-one shop for all your flooring requirements.

Parquet floors are created for residential usage only. Those floors can be adhered to over concrete or wood subfloors on and over ground level. We possess the right parquet flooring to match your budget and style. You can craft an appearance that is exclusive to your house and ensured to be long-lasting for several years. Classic or modern, we can assist you to identify the parquet design to match your house and estimate.

Our experts will be glad to visit your house and determine for a free quotation and deliberation.
Including hardwood flooring in your house is a great investment and you want to ensure that you receive the best.


Due to its renewability, wood floors can in fact cost less than other kinds of flooring. If it’s not hardwood, then you usually only have one option when the flooring gets deteriorated, and it’s to replace it. Wood floor refinishing can be performed to keep its value with time.

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At Ted’s Flooring, it’s our duty to assist you to get a beneficial shopping experience. Our wide selection, price, and quality make us the top flooring company in Park Ridge, IL suburb. Our experts will be glad to visit your house and determine a free quotation and consultation. When picking style, coziness, and fashion for your house or business, please reach Ted’s Flooring as soon as possible at 847-292-5600 or complete our contact form.

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