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Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Hardwood Floor Installation Northbrook

If you want to create the unique look to your house, you should hire professional hardwood flooring contractors. Hiring TED you can be sure we will provide quality hardwood floor refinishing Northbrook. We will help you choose what kind of hardwood flooring you should get. Moreover, TED’s Flooring inc. can help you with hardwood floor installation Northbrook and repair. Size of your project doesn’t matter. Ted can handle any hardwood flooring project you want. At Ted, we offer a wide variety of hardwood flooring services, with one of the popular ones being refinishing. Refinishing allows your already existing wood floor to be sanded and refinished, removing scratches and flaws that developed over years of use. It can be much more affordable than buying a new floor. For hardwood floor refinishing Northbrook residents love, call us for a quote and the highest quality work.

Highest Quality Hardwood Flooring Northbrook, IL

There is an abundance of hardwood floor companies in the Chicagoland area. That makes it hard to choose. However, at Ted, we’re proud to offer the best services in the region. We employ highly trained contractors for your installation. We have a wide variety of wood types that you can choose from for your floor. This is why we are the hardwood floor installation Northbrook company that residents trust.

Contact us today for a free in-home estimate to transform your worn out hardwood flooring into the floor of your dreams!

Ted’s Flooring – The Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Hardwood Floor Installation in Northbrook, IL!

Serving Northbrook and all of Chicago with flooring expertise.

Hardwood Floor Installation Northbrook, IL

Hardwood Floor Installation Northbrook, IL

Offering a fantastic array of affordable options for your hardwood flooring in Northbrook.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Northbrook, IL

Reach out to Ted’s Flooring to give your scuffed, dull floors a new shine with our superior hardwood floor refinishing in Northbrook.

Wood Floor Sanding Northbrook, IL

Sanding for Hardwood Flooring Northbrook, IL

Try our trusted floor sanding services to give your hardwood flooring in Northbrook a beautifully smooth feel.

Wood Floor Installation

Hardwood Repairs by Expert Flooring Contractors Northbrook, IL

Ted’s Flooring has expert flooring contractors in Northbrook who can take great care of your hardwood floors.

Wood Floor Refinishing Northbrook, IL

Staining for Hardwood Flooring Northbrook, IL

Receive unparalleled quality in our craftsmanship at Ted’s Flooring, featuring affordable staining in your choice of colors.

Ted’s Flooring offers hardwood floor refinishing Northbrook residents prefer
Quality Is Our Number One Objective

Quality Is Number One

It is clear that homeowners in Northbrook consistently use Ted’s Flooring for every floor type, including hardwood refinishing needs, repairs, and floor installation. You can create looks that are exclusive to your home and preferences and certain to last for many years. Whether contemporary or traditional, you can rest assured we will assist you in pinpointing the hardwood floor installation color and design that will work perfectly for your home as well as your budget. We will deliver your perfect hardwood floor installation that is tailored to your needs and your space in addition to your style in Northbrook.
If you seek quality workmanship, get in touch with Ted’s Flooring at (847)-292-5600.

Ted’s Flooring specializes in hardwood floor installation

Our Ted’s Flooring team seeks to provide the highest quality in hardwood floor refinishing and installation in Northbrook, at unbelievably affordable prices. We have worked in the industry since 1988, offering hardwood floor refinishing in Northbrook for a wide range of clients. Our company is insured and licensed, additionally ensuring integrity and loyalty for every single maintenance or repair job, installation, and particularly hardwood floor refinishing in Northbrook. We provide free quotes for all your hardwood floor requirements and can work on both residential and commercial floors.

Hardwood flooring services Northbrook residents prefer

Our customers think we are the ideal option! Not sure this is true? Or are unsure if you can take our word? Read the reviews on hardwood flooring and hardwood floor refinishing Northbrook customers have written regarding our work! We have many good reviews on both Google+ and Yelp. We are a BBB A+ Accredited business as well. Our hardwood flooring services are affordably priced while also providing top quality. We are a leader among flooring contractors Northbrook property owners rely on, from hardwood flooring repair or refinishing to hardwood flooring installation. Our expert contractors exclusively use the best quality materials and equipment for every one of our hardwood floors and finishing jobs in the shortest time possible as well. We provide a varied selection of products, so make certain you contact us to check out how we create the hardwood floor you have always desired! We are thrilled to welcome you to our family of pleased customers. Read our reviews, and contact us now.

Reach out to us to discover more about hardwood floor refinishing & hardwood floor installation in Northbrook, IL!

Ted’s Hardwood Flooring Contractors Northbrook

Reliable Hardwood Flooring Contractors Northbrook At Your Service

Ted’s Flooring Inc. has proudly served Northbrook with the best and most competitive high-quality repair and installation flooring service for many years. We have the evident experience to handle any project no matter how ambitious or modest. By choosing us as your preferred provider for flooring services and products, you are hiring the best in highly trained experts from the flooring industry.
Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or eclectic you’re sure we can help you find a color and design to better suit your home and budget. We furnish you with the perfect floors for to fit your space, needs, and style.
Contact us today for a free in-home estimate to transform your worn out hardwood flooring into the floor of your dreams!

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The Most Affordable Hardwood Flooring Northbrook

Ted’s Flooring want to be on the top so we offer the best hardwood floor refinishing Northbrook and products for clients who want their own customized finishes and stains. Customers value us for our quality services. As a pretender to the leader of hardwood flooring Northbrook, TED wants to give you the best hardwood floor installation Northbrook service you could ever get. We offer a wide range of services with professional approach to the matter.

Hardwood flooring is an investment. For high quality hardwood floors, you will not be able to spend a miniscule amount, but here at Ted, we are proud to offer hardwood flooring that is still affordable. Once installed, your hardwood floor will last for many years. With the proper care and maintenance, it can last your whole life! For high quality hardwood flooring Northbrook homeowners can afford, look no further.
If you would like to schedule an appointment for an expert consultation, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you solve all your flooring needs.

For Reliable Hardwood Floor Refinishing Northbrook & Hardwood Flooring Look No Further!

Ted’s Hardwood Flooring – Your Top Choice For Hardwood Floor Installation & Hardwood Floor Refinishing Northbrook

When it comes to your hardwood flooring in Northbrook, we are the ones that you can rely on to provide the best outcome possible. When it comes to timeless fashion, hardwood flooring is your best bet. It will give your home an elegant and luxurious look. It will match any designs or styles that you may have in your home.

Our flooring contractors in Northbrook take pride in the highest quality of work that we put into each project that we accept. We are committed to making sure that your ideas will turn into reality. We will work around your budget and provide a detailed and accurate estimate of how much installation or refinishing might cost.

With our hardwood floor refinishing, we will ensure to check your floors thoroughly to ensure that there are no underlying problems. If your hardwood floor is looking a bit dull, we will make sure that the vibrant color will be returned to what it was before. Contact us now so that we can get started on the floors that you have always wanted!

Why Choose Hardwood Floors? Ted’s Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation Experts Northbrook

Choosing hardwood flooring in Northbrook is a good investment. It may just require a bigger cost, but this money will be worth it with the safe, clean, and low maintenance flooring you will have.

Safe & Clean

When you think about carpets, you think about the dust, germs, and other debris that it could absorb. Such is not the case with hardwood flooring in Northbrook. Hardwood floors are more sanitary because there is no place for debris to hide on this type of flooring. Thus, it makes for a healthier and safer home, especially for people who have allergies.


Hardwood floor refinishing is also sustainable and good for the environment. It is made out of renewable materials and uses less energy during production. On top of that, at the end of its life cycle, it can be recycled making it a worthwhile investment. While wood floor refinishing is said to last a lifetime, carpets, as mentioned above are replaced every so often which makes them an option that is not sustainable at all.

Low Maintenance

The higher cost of a hardwood floor installation in Northbrook becomes worth it when it comes to maintenance. Since hardwood floors have sealed surfaces with a protective layer, they are more stain-resistant and thus need fewer repairs or refinishes. Even so, hardwood floors are easier to replace and refinish and such is not done as often as carpet replacement which is required every 10 to 15 years.

Unsurpassed Beauty & Value

Our flooring contractors will make sure that your hardwood floor installation in Northbrook will go without a hitch. With its beautiful look and contribution to a home’s market value, you will surely not regret having hardwood floor refinishing. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, it might just be the reason why your property gets purchased.

If you are interested, contact our flooring contractors in Northbrook and get hard floors from professionals who have the training and expertise to do it right.

We are constantly trying to improve our hardwood floor profession – Ted’s Hardwood Flooring Northbrook. Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Hardwood Floor Installation Northbrook

At our hardwood flooring company in Northbrook, you can rest assured that you will get quality hardwood installation and wood floor refinishing. Our flooring contractors are skilled in providing installation, sanding, finishing, and refinishing services to our customers. We install hardwood flooring both unfinished and prefinished, domestic, and exotic species. We install staircases and floor trims and also refinish engineered as well as prefinished floors and staircases.

We are the top Northbrook hardwood floor installation company that brings confidence to its client through the years of experience as well as the quality of work. With our company, you can rest assured that you will be getting quality natural wood floors that can add value and comfort to any interior design. Our flooring contractors offer expert hardwood flooring installation and wood floor refinishing, by using only the finest hardwood floor in all our projects. This ensures the beauty of natural wood using it to turn your home into a place that you and your family can be proud of.

We continuously research new products and techniques to make sure that we only provide the best to our customers. Our hardwood flooring company in Northbrook uses advanced finishing agents to help speed the drying process and state of the art equipment to ensure a quality finish. We keep up with the latest trends in design and home improvement ideas. Our flooring contractors are open to suggestions to ensure that our customers will get the best look possible for their home. With your hardwood flooring needs, we are here for you!

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