Reclaimed Wood Flooring Services

Reclaimed Wood Flooring for Park Ridge, IL Homes

If you want your home to be stunning, you want hardwood floors. However, many homeowners don’t want to cut down new trees for their floors. This doesn’t have to mean your dream of wood floors can’t be a reality. Reclaimed wood flooring is a beautiful, durable and sustainable choice you can feel good about. It is eco-friendly, because it is recycled wood from torn down barns, used barrels, and other sources. In fact, many people say they love the historic vibe their reclaimed wood floor gives off so much, they wouldn’t want to go back to a brand new wood floor again anyway!

For homeowners in the Park Ridge area, the best-quality reclaimed wood installed by the industry’s best come from Ted’s Flooring. We proudly offer the following types of flooring in many different ages, species, dimensional sizes and conditions: Plain Sawn White Pine flooring, Weathered Barn siding, Plain Sawn Yellow Pine flooring.

Ted’s Flooring- the Experts in Reclaimed Wood

At Ted’s Flooring, we are committed to delivering innovative, high-quality and cost-effective flooring solutions. We are passionate about providing you with the best reclaimed wood, and it shows in each one of our finished floors. Our available wood is always changing because it doesn’t come from a factory, so please call us at 847-292-5600 to inquire about our current inventory. If you need to find a match to your flooring please email pictures to along with your contact information.

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