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A Wide Variety of Hardwood Flooring Des Plaines

Hiring the right professionals is the most important think, if you want to create the unique look to your home and high strength guarantee. TED provides quality hardwood flooring Des Plaines and workmanship in good price. We will help you choose the right natural tone of the wood. Also, TED’s Flooring Inc. can help you with repair and hardwood floor installation Des Plaines.

Hardwood Flooring Des Plaines That Meets Highest Expectations

TED can handle any hardwood flooring project no matter of its size. Choosing us, you can be sure that you are choosing experts in hardwood floor installation & hardwood floor refinishing. It doesn’t matter if it’s cotemporary or traditional. You can be sure that we will help you find the best solution to suite your house and budget. Our specialists will show you perfect floors for your needs and space.

Hardwood Flooring Contractors Providing Quality Hardwood Flooring in Des Plaines

We offer you hardwood floor refinishing Des Plaines and site-finished hardwood flooring products for someone who wants customized finishes and stains. Our quality of work is well known. Years of services give us experience in hardwood flooring. We work with custom home builders, homeowners and on large commercial projects. If you need more information, please contact us today!

The process of hardwood floor installation in Des Plaines

Before moving forward with hardwood floor installation in Des Plaines, IL, learn all you can about the process. Installation will vary depending upon the product you choose, of course, so visit our “About Us” page for specific details.

The first stage of hardwood floor installation in Des Plaines is inspection. Our flooring contractors in Des Plaines, IL will visit your home and take a look at the area we’re working with. This is the perfect opportunity to ask our professionals any questions you may have and finalize your plans for your hardwood flooring in Des Plaines. After inspection, we’ll prepare the room by clearing furniture and heavy appliances. Then, our hardwood will have to acclimate to your home. This means that it will need to rest in an unoccupied room in your home to adjust to moisture and temperature levels. Finally, installation will begin. This process can take as long as a couple weeks or as little as a few days, depending upon the size and type of flooring.

If you have any questions before or during an installation, be sure to ask! Ted’s Flooring contractors in Des Plaines are standing by to answer anything you need to know before you re-model. Ask questions, set your mind at ease, and let us handle the rest!

For Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing Des Plaines & Hardwood Flooring Contact Our Flooring Contractors!

Ted’s Flooring – Experienced Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Hardwood Floor Installation in Des Plaines, IL!

Serving Des Plaines and the rest of the Chicagoland area.

Hardwood Floor Installation Evanston, IL

Hardwood Floor Installation Des Plaines, IL

We offer a complete range of incredibly affordable options for hardwood flooring in Des Plaines.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Des Plaines, IL

Call Ted’s Flooring to take care of scuffed, dull hardwood with our hardwood floor refinishing in Des Plaines.

Wood Floor Sanding Evanston, IL

Sanding for Hardwood Flooring Des Plaines, IL

Find the beautiful appearance of your hardwood flooring in Des Plaines again with professional sanding.

Wood Floor Installation

Hardwood Repairs by Flooring Contractors Des Plaines, IL

Ted’s Flooring is here to care for your floors with the right repairs handled by the experts.

Wood Floor Refinishing Evanston, IL

Staining for Hardwood Flooring Des Plaines, IL

Get the finest quality workmanship from Ted’s Flooring with affordable staining and a selection of colors.

Ted’s Flooring provides the hardwood floor refinishing services Des Plaines, IL needs
Quality Is Our Priority

Quality Is Number One

It is no surprise that residents of Des Plaines frequently use Ted’s Flooring for every floor type,including hardwood floor installation, repairs and refinishing. You can also create unique looks for your home that are guaranteed to last for a very long time. Contemporary or traditional, we can certainly encounter the perfect design and color for your hardwood floor installation in order to best fit your home and your budget. We can deliver the perfect hardwood floor installation for your needs, style, and space in Des Plaines.
When you seek high quality workmanship, Contact Ted’s Flooring at (224)-301-8295

Ted’s Flooring specializes in hardwood floor installation

Our team at Ted’s Flooring aims to deliver top best quality in hardwood floor refinishing and installation in Des Plaines, and all of it for reasonable prices. Since 1988, we have been leading flooring contractors in the hardwood floor installation & refinishing industry in Des Plaines, Illinois, working with many different clients. The company is licensed and insured in addition to guaranteeing integrity and loyalty for every repair, maintenance, or installation project, specifically in hardwood floor refinishing in Des Plaines, IL. We work on both residential and commercial floors in addition to providing free quotes for your hardwood floor requirements.

Hardwood flooring services Des Plaines customers appreciate

Our clients love us! Do you think is hard to accept? Want to check that out? Please review the ratings on hardwood flooring refinishing and hardwood flooring Des Plaines customers have written regarding our work! We count lots of positive ratings on Yelp and Google+. We are as well a BBB A+ Accredited business. Our hardwood flooring services are of excellent quality and at low prices. We’re one of the leading companies Des Plaines homeowners constantly employ, for jobs that go from hardwood flooring repair to hardwood flooring installation or refinishing. Our professional flooring contractors only utilize the premium quality machinery and materials for all our hardwood floors and usually complete projects very fastly. We count on a large myriad of options for products, so make sure to contact us to realize how we can craft the hardwood floor that you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate in being part of our group of happy clients. Scrutinize our ratings, and get in contact with us as soon as possible.

Reach out to us to learn more about hardwood floor installation & hardwood floor refinishing in Des Plaines, IL!

Service Area of Ted’s Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Hardwood Floor Installation Des Plaines, IL

Ted’s Flooring gladly provides services to a wide variety of Chicago suburbs including south, southwest, north, and northwest suburbs. Much of our renowned work has been executed in Bolingbrook, Evanston, Grayslake, Gurnee, Hinsdale, La Grange, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Lake Villa, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Medinah, Mundelein, Naperville, Oak Brook, Orland Park, Round Lake, Skokie, Vernon Hills, Westchester, Western Springs, and Wilmette. Is your town not on this list? Do not worry. Get in touch with us! We gladly service surrounding towns as well. We would love to discuss the possibility of coming to your property too!

Total list of areas where we offer our services

Bolingbrook, Evanston, Grayslake, Gurnee, Hinsdale, La Grange, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Lake Villa, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Medinah, Mundelein, Naperville, Oak Brook, Orland Park, Round Lake, Skokie, Vernon Hills, Westchester, Western Springs, Wilmette

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Ted’s Hardwood Flooring – Your Top Choice For Hardwood Floor Installation & Hardwood Floor Refinishing Des Plaines

When you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy hardwood flooring company in Des Plaines, we are the ones that you can count on. One of the most fashionable floorings that a home can have is hardwood floors. It provides timeless beauty and sophistication. Hardwood floors are also easy to pair with any style that you may have in your home.

Our flooring contractors are well experienced in hardwood floor installation and refinishing. We have a lot of wood materials that you can choose from as well as stains and designs. We have been providing excellent results to our customers in every project that we accept. Our hardwood floor installers are committed every step of the way to ensure that your ideas will turn into reality.

When it comes to your hardwood floor refinishing, our contractors will ensure that it will look good as new. All of our contractors have the knowledge and skills to repair any damage that your hardwood flooring may have. Our company knows that your floor is a work of art, which is why we will ensure that you get the best outcome possible.

Why Choose Hardwood Floors? Ted’s Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation Experts Des Plaines

Hardwood flooring in Des Plaines is one of the best choices you can make for your home. It might seem expensive among all the different flooring options available, but it has a lot of benefits other options don’t have.

Safe & Clean

With wood floor refinishing, there is no place for dust, germs, and other debris to hide. In carpets, however, this is clearly not the case. Thus, if you want a more sanitary option for your floors, hardwood floor refinishing in Des Plaines is the answer.


Homeowners today would also like the option to choose something that is good for the environment. Hardwood floor installation, with its renewable flooring material, might just be the perfect fit for you if you are looking for environmentally friendly floors. Aside from the ability to be recycled at the end of their life cycle, they also use less water and energy to produce. If you compare this with carpets that need to be replaced every so often, you can see that hardwood floor refinishing in Des Plaines is really much more sustainable.

Low Maintenance

Hardwood flooring in Des Plaines can easily be repaired and refinished as compared to other types of flooring. They are also stain-resistant and sealed with a protective layer. That being so, one of the main benefits of hardwood floorings is that they essentially require less maintenance.

Unsurpassed Beauty & Value

Even if hardwood floorings is one of the oldest flooring materials to have been used as of date, it remains a beautiful and unique choice. It never goes out of style and, on top of that, it increases the value of your home in the market. In fact, it is one of the things that attracts home buyers as it is a gorgeous addition to a house.

If you want to have the benefits of hardwood floor installation, you can contact our flooring contractors in Des Plaines who are professionals in this field. With their experience and expertise, you’ll have the gorgeous hardwood floors installed in no time.

We’re all the time attempting to enhance our hardwood floor profession – Ted’s Hardwood Flooring Des Plaines. Hardwood Floor Installation & Hardwood Floor Refinishing Des Plaines

Our hardwood flooring contractors in Des Plaines are the number one provider of wood floor refinishing and hardwood floor installation. We perform all when talking about hardwood flooring, sanding, finishing, refinishing, and installation. We install hardwood floors, exotic species, prefinished, unfinished, and domestic. Our flooring company installs as well floating engineered floors and glued down engineered floors. We as well install floor trims and staircases. We refinish prefinished floors, staircases, and also engineered floors. 

As a top Des Plaines hardwood flooring company, we bring confidence to its clients through years of experience and the quality of work provided. With our name comes the quality of natural wood floors. When it comes to wood floors, it can add value and comfort to any interior design. Our hardwood floor installation team only uses the finest hardwood on all floors, ensuring that we capture the beauty of natural wood and using it to turn your home into a place that you and your family can be proud of.

At our hardwood flooring company, we aim to find new products and techniques to ensure the highest quality finish. Our company only uses advanced finishing agents to help speed the drying process and state of the art equipment. We make sure to keep up with the current and latest trends in design and home improvement ideas. Our flooring contractors in Des Plaines are opened to any suggestions to assure the desired look. We can do it all, from the antique-looking floor to a slick design.

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