Chicago Area Wood Floor Refinishing Services

Hardwood Floor Refinishing to Make Your Floor Look Brand New

Are your wood floors scuffed up and drab instead of luxurious? Many Chicago homes have hardwood floors that were installed decades ago, or longer. Heavy footfall and years of use can cause your prized wood flooring to show signs of wear and tear. Hardwood floors offer a high-class look and functionality that will always be in style, but only if you keep up with the maintenance. Don’t walk over lifeless wood floors another day, bring in the pros with Ted’s hardwood floor refinishing!

Refinishing services for all hardwood types

Our hardwood floor refinishing services can simply and effectively restore your floor to top condition; leaving you with a beautiful wood floor which really stands out. Our wood floor restoration services can be applied to Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Brazilian Cherry, American Cherry, Ash, Walnut, Hickory, Santos Mahogany, Bamboo, and more. Whatever the species of wood or the style of your floor, we can help to ensure that it always looks at its best
At Ted’s Flooring, we are committed to delivering innovative, high-quality and cost-effective flooring solutions. We are passionate about what we do, and it shows in each one of our refinishing projects. We have solid and reputation for refinishing hardwood floor. Our many satisfied customers can vouch for that. You can contact us today for a free wood floor refinishing quote by calling 847-292-5600.

Key Features of Ted’s Flooring

Exquisite workmanship

We know that for perfect hardwood floor installation, you’ll need not only highest quality materials but also impeccable execution. Our experienced contactors go to great lengths to deliver exactly that and more.

Fully licensed & insured flooring contractors

As far as hardwood floor installation and refinishing is concerned, we hold all the relevant licenses and insurance, so you may rest assured that each flooring job is done professionally and safely.

Excellent customer service

We’re are there to help you find perfect hardwood flooring for your place in terms of looks and price. No question will be left unanswered and no doubt – unaddressed.

Free estimates

It’s good to know beforehand how much you’ll pay for hardwood floor installation and refinishing. That’s why we are always happy to give you free quote prior to the assignment.

Affordable prices

Hardwood flooring makes remarkable finishing touch to any dwelling. That’s why we want to make it available to every customer, offering uneatable prices on our wood floor refinishing and installation.

Suitability for all hardwoods

Each type of wood is different and thus requires different approach from flooring contractors. But worry not, we have it all covered and can deal with even the most demanding hardwood specie.

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