There is no better time to update the appearance of your home than now, as winter is quickly approaching. See what changes you can make to your home’s appearance by taking a look around. You have a variety of options for improvements, including installing new flooring and furnishings as well as altering the home’s decorations and color scheme. Despite all of this, installing floors takes a little more effort and money, and it must be done with the utmost care and the best materials to guarantee permanence.

You might think about putting hardwood floors in your contemporary home. It’s the simplest approach to increase attraction and pleasant energy. Should you decide to get hardwood floors installed on your property, you should contact Ted’s Flooring, Inc., to get professional assistance from our flooring contractors in making the best choice.

Hardwood Floors for Every Room: Things You Need to Know

Along with several designs and patterns, solid, engineered, and laminate wood floors are available. Engineered hardwood floors are unquestionably a top performer in terms of toughness, beauty, and resale value, while each variety offers advantages and benefits of its own.

The living room has hardwood flooring.
A living room, one of the busiest areas on our property, needs flooring that can withstand everyday use while enhancing the appearance of your house. The two most common hardwood flooring options for living rooms are oak and maple. Oak flooring can add beauty while preventing spills. Maple floors, however, can sustain high foot activity.

Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen
A kitchen floor is prone to spills, whether it’s water from freshly washed utensils or oil from packets that accidentally leak. The kitchen can still have wood floors installed, but you must choose the kind that is the most durable. Either solid wood or manufactured wood are options. However, because engineered wood is temperature and moisture-resistant, it is a perfect yet affordable option (involves far less swelling and shrinking than other wood floor types when subjected to humidity). It is advisable to consult professional flooring contractors
before choosing a floor for your kitchen.

The laundry room has hardwood floors.
The ability to freely install hardwood floors in the laundry room has been made feasible by new innovative coating technologies and procedures. The best option for flooring is an engineered wood floor because it is more solid and can withstand dampness and humidity. Additionally, you can consult Ted’s Flooring, Inc. professional to learn more about the various
waterproof hardwood flooring.

Perhaps you may wonder, can we install hardwood floors in the basement?
Because basements are below ground, they are susceptible to leaks and moisture. Therefore, you should avoid purchasing solid types and opt instead for engineered flooring, which has the same appearance and can survive the hard circumstances of a basement. This floor features a hardwood layer on top that is protected from moisture penetration by sturdy
plywood sublayers.

Let’s now talk a little bit about how to install wood floors.
Taking out the carpet and replacing it with hardwood flooring will give your home a completely new feel. The only decision you will need to make is when to replace your floors, which can be done at a time that works for your family and schedule with no disruption to your home’s cleanliness or clutter.

What needs to be done in advance of the installation work?
There are a few things you can do to guarantee a smooth installation procedure. This is a list:
1. Clear the area of all furniture and other items.
2. Rip up any carpeting you may have.
3. Hang plastic at entrances or fill gaps to stop dust from entering other parts of your home.
4. Try to store food in cabinets and keep it sealed.
5. Seal all cabinets and drawers with painter’s tape.

A Good Option for Homeowners with Respiratory Issues Is Wood Flooring
People today are increasingly concerned with their health, which is great because being healthy is the most important asset. There are many more things you can do to maintain your health in addition to eating well and exercising, like picking the proper kind of flooring, particularly if you have asthma or an allergy to a certain kind.

Compared to other choices, like carpets, hardwood flooring may be a safer alternative. Here are a few explanations:

Avoid capturing allergens
Hardwood flooring, in contrast to carpets, is renowned for avoiding accumulating pollen and other allergens that might be tracked in from the outside. With this non-toxic carpet substitute, your family will be secure.

Free of dust and other potentially dangerous elements
Carpets collect dust that is difficult to completely remove; in contrast, wood floors are simple to sweep or vacuum. Additionally, you can use eco-friendly floor cleaners to guarantee spotless floors.

Reduced contact with germs
High moisture regions should not have carpets because moist carpets can serve as a breeding ground for a variety of germs. Instead, setting up hardwood floors aids in avoiding numerous health problems.

Most Durable Flooring Option for Families with Pets
Modern flooring selections take into account several variables in addition to aesthetics to ensure endurance and ease of usage. It is advised to choose a strong, scratch-resistant floor if you have a pet. After careful thought, one of the most popular alternatives for pet owners is hardwood flooring. They have to choose lumber with high rates on the Janka Hardness Scale. Apply sturdy finishes to create a protective coating that can withstand your pet’s nails to prevent scratches and assure durability.

Installing solid hardwood is possible since it can be refinished numerous times, making the floors last for many generations. If, despite your best efforts, you see multiple obvious scratches, schedule Ted’s Flooring, Inc.’s hardwood floor refinishing service.

Oak, maple, walnut, cherry, hickory, and sycamore are suitable choices since they can sustain normal wear and tear. Additionally, you can speak with professionals who can recommend the best flooring taking into account all factors, such as climatic conditions and individual lifestyles.

How To Keep Your Wood Floors Pest-Free
If your home has wood floors, pests could become an issue. These invaders may require expensive repairs and might damage wooden flooring and furniture. Precautions should be taken in advance, so here is some advice that will help you maintain your flooring free of pests.

Cleaning the house thoroughly is the most important thing you can do. These pests eat the wood on your floors, and the more food residue there is, the more they multiply and draw in more pests.

The next item on the list is to take action to control dampness. Humidity weakens the wood,
making it a welcoming environment for mold, termites, and other pests. Repairing moisture leaks will keep the floors dry.

Make sure to thoroughly check and treat any new furniture you purchase to stave off termites and other pests.
Last but not least, periodically employ pest control services to help you keep the area germ-free and your floors safe.

You’ll benefit to some extent from these clever techniques.

Which Wood Floor Is The Best To Install Outside The House?
It’s important to select the proper flooring and species if you plan to install wood floors in outdoor living areas like decks and patios. Here, we’ve listed a few of the most well-liked solutions for outdoor living areas.

Redwood flooring is a reliable alternative that can survive any erratic weather conditions and is resistant to warping and shrinking. As a result, it is the best choice for an outdoor living area.

a tropical hardwood with a tight grain that is incredibly beautiful, sturdy, and resistant to decay and pests. The Mahogany floor is an excellent alternative for your outdoor haven because it doesn’t need to be maintained frequently.

The best uses for cedar are external siding and outdoor flooring. It substantially improves the appearance of your property and is naturally resistant to degradation.

Tigerwood is a multipurpose wood species that is extremely robust and pest and termite-resistant. This flooring is available in a variety of designs and hues, giving your home a beautiful and opulent appearance.

Consider consulting with Ted’s Flooring, Inc.’s professionals if you’re still undecided about your outdoor flooring option.
The coating we have used also affects how long wood flooring will last. So, based on a few criteria, below is a brief comparison between Oil-based vs Water-based Finishes.

The choice of wood finish should take into account more than just aesthetic considerations. Oil-based finishes have a stronger fragrance than water-based finishes, which have a milder one.

Drying period
No matter what kind of finish you select, it’s crucial to apply several coats to give your wood floors adequate protection. Because water-based finishes dry so quickly, you can apply multiple coats in one day. Contrarily, oil-based finishes are a little thicker and take a little longer to dry; typically 12–14 hours. Then you can apply for another one.

Considering the finish’s thickness is vital because it shields the floor from scratches. But it also relies on the number of layers you’ve used. Since water-based finishes are thinner, more layers are needed to offer the appropriate amount of protection. In contrast, oil-based finishes are softer, thicker, and more prone to denting.

At Ted’s Flooring, Inc., we use eco-friendly waterborne finishes that offer outstanding longevity and are non-hazardous as well. Besides, they don’t turn pale, smell minimal, and also dry quickly.

Hardwood floor refinishing before listing a House
You must refinish your wood flooring if you plan to put your house on the market. More purchasers are drawn to attractive floors, which increases the value of your home.

Additionally, it can be beneficial for:
Producing a favorable impression
Before listing a home for sale, spending money on hardwood floor refinishing is a smart move because it will leave buyers with a favorable impression and prompt them to act quickly.

Helps a House Sell More Quickly
A nice-looking floor draws customers, whereas worn-out and scratched flooring repels away potential customers. To save time that would otherwise be needed for updating the flooring before moving, they will typically choose a home with clean, lovely floors.
You can hire Ted’s Flooring, Inc. for a top-quality hardwood floor refinishing service.

Bring Your Dream Floors to Life with Ted’s Flooring, Inc.
Ted’s Flooring, Inc. invites all customers to talk to us about their needs. We have been in the business for a long time, restoring soiled floors and bringing consumers the enjoyment they deserve. We do all kinds of flooring services, from installing hardwood floors to repairing, refinishing, and staining them.
We have established a stellar reputation in the industry, based on our professionals’ skills, expertise, and knowledge. Every client receives rapid and trustworthy responses from us. Our staff members come to your location and offer cost-free, no-obligation estimates.

There will be no middlemen, salespeople, or subcontractors involved because we have a well-trained team that will handle all of your demands.
Modern technology is used by us to do tasks. We provide the highest caliber services at competitive rates.

Give Ted’s Flooring, Inc. a call if you discover any issues with your new flooring. Your issues will be resolved as quickly as possible. We take pride in our responsive customer care service.
Here’s a quick look at our tried-and-true installation method. We can help you choose the ideal wood flooring for your home. We have a solid understanding of which wood is the best suit for a given room thanks to our extensive experience.

If you’d like, we can help you remove the current floor. Then, we begin laying the groundwork for the new installation on your subfloor. After that, we begin the installation procedure. Every step of the process, we’ll keep you informed and keep you in the loop.
The final staining and finishing process comes last. We take certain precautions throughout this process to stop dust from spreading into adjacent rooms, like caulking cracks beneath doors, covering furniture with plastic, etc.

Call Ted’s Flooring, Inc. if you need help with hardwood flooring installation or if you need a hardwood floor refinishing service. Our services will be transparent from the beginning to the end.

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