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Hardwood Floor Stain Colors

There are several factors that determine how a professional wood stain looks, from the species of timber and the idiosyncrasies of its grain to the lighting in the space and the color palette of the decor.

Take a look at our standard color chart above

The colors shown are for reference purposes only. We recommend that our clients choose approximately 3 colors from the palette above, we then apply these stain tonnes on an area of their own wood floor to verify the color selection, so the client can proceed to chose their favorite color given their floor’s particularities and it’s relation with lighting and the space other elements.

At Ted’s Flooring, we take deep pride in our job helping you have the best floor staining experience ever. Our professionals are always happy to visit your home and measure for a free estimate and consultation. If you don’t feel completely satisfied with the standard colors, custom colors can create by availing stain mixes, tints or dyes just for you. This is a very special process that can be planned with Ted during the initial wood floor consultation.

Staining an existing floor requires stripping the finish first. This is best left to the professionals, who use a variety of machines and different grit sandpapers to create the right surface smoothness and evenness. We have over 25 years of experience and work with a wide variety of clients in Glenview. We are your best bet in helping you to get the beauty and durability your hardwood floors need.

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