Are you thinking about upgrading your home with hardwood flooring?
Many homeowners prefer hardwood flooring over their existing flooring, whether carpet or tiles, for obvious reasons. Other homeowners are looking for a professional wood floor refinishing service. To know the exact procedure when it comes to installing new floors or refinishing existing flooring, can be quite challenging. Ted’s Flooring, Inc. can help you through the entire flooring process and can answer all your questions.

First Steps To Take when Installing New Flooring
The first step is to decide when you would like to start your hardwood flooring project, before making any further significant decisions. The time of year is not relevant to having your floors done, so there is no need to base your decision on the weather or seasons. There are people that think they need to wait until the summertime to have their floors done, but there is no need. The time you pick for your flooring project should revolve solely around you and your family’s time and schedule.

A hardwood flooring project can significantly affect your entire daily routine. Depending on what type of flooring project you are undertaking, there are various factors involved. The duration of the process varies depending on the environment, type of home and whether you are installing brand new hardwood flooring or are undertaking a hardwood floor refinishing project.

New Hardwood Floor Installation vs. a Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Whether it’s a brand-new wood floor installation or if your existing floors need some intense work, we want your floors to always look their best. For either option, the procedure can vary for everyone. The process of a hardwood floor refinishing job involves a thorough sanding and refinishing procedure that normally lasts over a period of one to three days. To begin, we sand through the top layers of the entire floor, until we reach the raw wood. If you opted for a color stain, we would take care of this, at this point. This is followed by two coats of polyurethane, and a coat of sealer completes the refinishing process. Refinishing can make years’ worth of wear and tear simply disappear in a matter of days.

If you are replacing existing carpets with hardwood flooring, the process may take a little longer due to the extra work involved. This process involves sizing and custom cutting the wood planks to fit your home. Depending on your choice of hardwood flooring, the process can take a few weeks or even a bit longer. The advantage of going this route is that you are given the option to select from a wide range of gorgeous floor types that Ted’s Flooring, Inc. has to offer. Once the installation is done, the floors are coated with a final sealant, to ensure their durability.

Preparations Required Before the Arrival of Your Flooring Contractors
Before the arrival of your flooring contractors, the home needs to be prepared to ensure an efficient process. Here are some tips of how to prepare:

  • All furniture needs to be removed
  • Rip up carpeting, including the strips and staples, as part of the preparation
  • Get rid of any vinyl or linoleum flooring
  • Trim and Baseboards should be removed (they can be reused after the project completion)
  • Hang plastic over your doors to trap dust inside the areas
  • Clear your countertop and seal or remove all food items
  • Use painter’s tape to properly close your cabinets and drawers to prevent dust from entering

Ted’s Flooring, Inc. can offer the above service for an extra fee, if you would prefer that we take care of the entire project right from the start.

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