After a certain amount of time, the age of any hardwood floor begins to show. The observation of discoloration, scratchiness, and dullness are the most common symptoms needed to comprehend that your hardwood floor has started showing its age.
The conventional three-fourth-inch thick hardwood floor may be sanded approximately 8 times during its lifetime. Consequently, if your house is not too old and the previous flooring contractors Evanston did not create a refinishing disaster, there is likely still an opportunity for you to revive your hardwood flooring.
To obtain the satisfaction brought by perfect wood floor refinishing Evanston residents prefer, you must be familiar with a few details that you may not know about the whole refinishing process.

Kinds Of Finish
Prior to refinishing, you should know the different types of finishes available to choose from.

Polyurethane finish is essentially water and oil-based. Additionally, it has various degrees of luster and provides a finish that resembles plastic.

Varnish finish tends to provide a matte-glossy look. Available in a variety of lusters, it is more durable, and makes it possible to repair a single spot.

Penetrating Sealer
Penetrating sealer provides a finish that is natural-looking. Over time, it darkens, becomes easier to repair, and provides excellent protection.

Consider Professionals
Hardwood Floor Refinishing Evanston homeowners might seem to be a more reasonably priced option but hardwood floor refinishing is in reality a labor-intensive and difficult process.
It is widely recognized that even the tiniest of errors during refinishing can be catastrophic and you may need to begin the process again from square one. In order to prevent this, it is recommendable to consistently seek the assistance of professionals from Ted’s Flooring.
Ted’s Flooring will handle any issues such as thinning the floor or uneven buffing. The skill and time necessary for this can only be determined by professional flooring contractors Evanston IL homeowners trust.

Sanding Is Not Required Always
In certain cases,when wood has normal scratching and the wear itself has not reached the wood itself, there is no need for sanding. One can simply choose scuff sanding by use of a buffer and apply a coat or two to finish the job.

Seal the floor immediately after the sanding is done if you intend to prevent any moisture from being absorbed into the wood. 48 hours of drying time should be allowed prior to putting your things back into the room.

Buff And Clean In Between Coats
You should not constantly apply paints on hardwood flooring Evanston. They work differently! When the floor dries, you should gently buff the floor to remove any impurities. Be certain that you use an oil-infused cheesecloth to remove all the dust and impurities to eliminate them from the finish.

Utilize a Sheepskin Applicator
Utilize a sheepskin applicator to obtain the best possible finish. Using this makes any floor come out even and smooth. Using other alternatives such as rollers and brushes may create streaks and pools so they will not help in this case.

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