Prepare yourself for hardwood flooring installation

If you are about to have your hardwood floor installed and have never experienced anything ike this before, there may be some concern troubling you. How does the entire process look like? Well, I’m here to explain to calm your nerves. Firstly, before it all begins, installator will come to your home to do necessary measurments and inspect the job area. Feel free to ask them any question that bother you. Also, your hardwood flooring will need to rest at your home for some time, because it needs to adjust to conditions like humidity and temperature.
This part is crucial fo the floor to fit perfectly in your house. Next, it’s important to move your furniture out of the room before the installers come, unless moving your furniture is part of the installation. Prepare for the room to be unavaiable for some time until the installation process ends, and let’s get to it!

Stages of hardwood floor installation

Finally, the most disruptive part of the process comes up – and this is the hardwood flooring installation by itself. You have to expect some noise and traffic in your home as the crew installs your new hardwood flooring. Once the planks are installed, the installation team will sand it. There may be some dust to clean up later, as usually during works like this.
Next comes the staining – the professionals will apply to your flooring a layer of stain, to embellish it’s looks and bring out it’s character. When it’s dry, a couple of layers of a topcoat will be applied, to secure the stain and the planks from damage. You will be able to walk on the surface after two hours, but only after 10 days will be the floor fully cured. Then you may finally bring the furniture in and enjoy your freshly installed, beautiful hardwood flooring.

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