Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Hardwood flooring is Evanston’s popular choice because they are extremely durable to withstand heavy use before replacement should be considered. With the proper care and repairs by flooring contractors in Evanston, your hardwood flooring can last for 50 years or more. The first indicator for hardwood floor refinishing in Evanston, IL would be the level of damage. For standard and common wear and tear, hardwood floor refinishing would certainly be the way to go. However, note that this process can only be done a limited number of times depending on the type of wood that’s on the floor and its condition. You may be able to have hardwood floor refinishing in Evanston up to 10 times on a single floor. But for engineered hardwood flooring in Evanston, which is much thinner than standard hardwood, refinishing may only be achieved once. Wood floor refinishing in Evanston, IL can also be performed in situations where physical damage is limited to a small fraction of the floor wood boards.

Hardwood Floor Installation
There are some instances when trying to repair a hardwood floor will not help. Flooding is certainly one of those times, as you may find buckling and warping in your hardwood flooring in Evanston. If only some parts of the floor are affected by water damage, repairs may be a solution. Keep in mind that these issues may not be solely aesthetic, as even those areas that still look good might have sustained major structural damage. Mold is another situation that requires new hardwood floor installation in Evanston, IL. And if the problem goes too deep, affecting the subfloor layer, the issue requires total removal and complete replacement of your subfloor and new hardwood floor installation in Evanston. Every situation is unique, so before you make your decision one way or the other, consult with our hardwood flooring contractors in Evanston for guidance to determine the best solution for you.

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